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In the Netherlands we work together on SRHR and HIV/AIDS: scientists, policy makers, health professionals, private sector (entrepreneurs), people living with HIV, activists and people from governmental and non-governmental organisations. Some people call it an inclusive approach. It is in our DNA: we like to ‘polder’ as we say in Dutch.

A focus on Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human Rights, Harm reduction, HIV Research, Key Populations, Youth & Sexuality is an integral part of the Dutch approach. This approach has proven to be effective. Furthermore the importance of sharing best practices and learning from experience is widely acknowledged.

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Amsterdam AIDS2018

Welcome to Amsterdam. The country that brought you gay marriage, treatment and care for drug users, sex worker friendly health care services and a life insurance for people living with HIV, now presents the Dutch Approach. An approach to getting to zero new HIV infections and zero AIDS-related deaths.
Key elements of the Dutch Approach are: working together of activists, scientists, entrepreneurs, health practitioners, policy makers and people living with HIV. With a Focus on human rights, innovation and evidence based working.

Join us in getting to zero new HIV infections by 2030!

The Dutch Approach

The Dutch Approach in practice: The H-TEAM

The H-TEAM is a unique collaboration between all stakeholders involved in the
prevention and care of HIV in the Netherlands, including key affected
communities. Centered in Amsterdam, the initiative is at the forefront of HIV/AIDS
research nationally and worldwide.