AFEW International

AFEW International is uniquely positioned as one of the few HIV and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) organisations working solely in Eastern Europe and Central-Asia. Found in 2001, AFEW offers a unique public health approach to solving social and human rights challenges facing EECA region. This is a region where the work is critical as HIV is on the rise, cases of multi-drug resistant and extensive drug resistant tuberculosis are increasing, and there is a high prevalence of hepatitis C. Among the SRHR concerns are the increase of sexually transmitted diseases, the lack of sexuality education and gender-based violence.

AFEW International has a broad approach towards the groups in society that are at risk for public health concerns like HIV, TB and viral hepatitis and who have limited access to health services. With its introduction of client management system in the region, AFEW improves the access to health care services; strengthens the local health systems by offering a people-centred approach; safeguards and improves the quality of service delivery; facilitates collaboration between public and non-public (NGO and private services) services at the regional, national and city levels.


AFEW International is a network of independent local organisations working in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia. AFEW is currently active in six countries: Ukraine, Georgia, KazakhstanKyrgyzstanRussia and Tajikistan; with AFEW in the Netherlands serving as the international secretariat of the Network.