Mainline provides harm reduction services, training, consultancy and a lifestyle magazine. We work with partner organisations domestically and abroad through various projects. We have been dedicated to the principle of harm reduction for 28 years.


Mainline focuses on People Who Use Drugs (PWUD) as one of the target groups that have an increased risk of becoming infected with HIV.

Our goal is to reduce the HIV risks and improve the general health and human rights of PWUD.

Mainlines three main objectives are:

  1. Offering and implementing harm reduction interventions
  2. Promoting the human rights of people who use drugs
  3. Supporting and promoting harm reduction as a method and as a broad mind-set


Through partnership within the Bridging the Gaps programme, Mainline works with local partners, mostly non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), in Indonesia, Kenya, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam and South Africa.


Part of Mainline’s progress in 2017:

Provided testing and treatment services to 3575 individuals for HIV/AIDS – among other infectious diseases-

See for further Mainline and partner’s achievements in 2017