RNW Media

We have the largest youth generation of all time, 1.8 billion young people. They want their
thoughts to be taken into account, their aspirations to be understood and their needs to be

RNW Media is a non-profit international organisation. We build digital communities that bring
young people together in restrictive settings. Through our online platforms, young people get
evidence- and rights-based information they cannot find elsewhere on issues important to them.
They also find a safe space for questions, peer discussion and constructive discourse.

RNW Media has three programmes: Love Matters; Citizens’ Voice; and RNTC Media
Training. The first two are thematic, while the third one focusses on capacity building.
Love Matters addresses sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) issues
comprehensively. Topics include contraception, safe abortion, the rights of LGBT persons, and
gender based violence. With a pleasure-positive approach and non-judgmental discussions on
the platforms we bypass traditional gatekeepers and provide young people accessible science-
and rights-based information, professional advice, peer support and personal stories.

Citizens’ Voice strengthens social cohesion and inclusive governance so young people in all
their diversity can be meaningful participants and leaders in their communities. Citizens’ Voice
builds youth movements. Through our digital spaces, young people can voice opinions, engage
in non-polarising dialogue, and imagine the kind of society they want. Local networks of
journalists, bloggers and change-makers from across the political spectrum run the platforms.

Our RNTC Media Training programme provides training to professional and citizen journalists,
content creators, and others who wish to hone their oral, video or written communications skills
for change. With 50 years of expertise, RNTC has an Online Academy, offers two Masters’
programme modules, and provides a mix of courses including specifically tailored ones. RNTC’s
courses cover a range of topics, from ‘how to develop media campaigns’ to ‘investigative and
data journalism’ and ‘media business entrepreneurship’.

For more information about our digital platforms in 13 countries, please visit our website at